How to Make Your Own Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

January 3, 2010

How to Make Your Own Yoga Mat Cleaner How many times have you been to a Yoga class and it smelled like funk in there after the class? And you found that your Yoga mat smelled too? Well, this video will show you how to make your own Yoga mat cleaner so you can be […]

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Yoga for High Blood Pressure

December 27, 2009

Yoga for High Blood Pressure Q: Which Yoga poses are beneficial for high blood pressure? A: Studies have shown that can be an effective complimentary treatment for high blood pressure. You may see these studies for yourself by using PubMed and doing a search for “Yoga for high blood pressure.” Of course, I don’t recommend […]

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Yoga 101

December 12, 2009

According to Oprah, “It got Madonna hooked, fascinates Ricky Martin, and made Meg Ryan calmer.” It helped one woman lose weight, another cool her hot flashes, and another end her insomnia. A firefighter felt more stamina and a student got better grades. Millions of Oprah fans can’t be wrong…so if Yoga can do all this […]

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Meditation on

October 9, 2009

There are lots of great resources all over the web. One of them is You can find a vast number of personal growth resources including information on meditation and Yoga. Browse their meditaiton articles. Check out their Yoga articles. If you offer some kind of self improvement or personal growth product or service, consider […]

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Meditation and Your Brain

August 17, 2009

Reuters posted this article on How God (or more precisely, meditation) changes your brain. The article discusses Andrew Newburg’s newest book, “How God Changes Your Brain.” In the book, Newburg describes the benefits of meditation, including how meditation effects specific areas of the brain responsible for focus and fear. “His studies show these brain regions […]

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