Guided Meditation for Peace and Tranquility Use this guided meditation script to experience a deep sense of peace and tranquility.

Meditation is a wonderful experience…a golden opportunity to draw deeper into your own being. The purpose of meditation is to turn your awareness inside. So often, we are focused on external things—-now is the opportunity to rest your mind from external distractions and experience the sense of peace that is available to you now, and in every moment. During meditation, the body becomes relaxed and still. As your body relaxes, the mind too, relaxes. You may find yourself being drawn deeply into the inner landscape of your being. As your body rests, allow your mind to feel tranquil, peaceful and serene—-this is the state between waking and sleeping. To experience this state fully, focus your attention on the breath… Feel its subtle energy flowing into your body with the inhalation. Allow the breath to draw you into the space of stillness that resides within you. With each breath, allow yourself to fully relax into this space of stillness. During meditation, you become more aware of this stillness, the place of perfect peace that exists within you. You experience this peace and serenity in meditation, and through practice, you’re able to sustain that feeling of tranquility long after meditation. Continue to focus on the breath—-sustain the inhalation and exhalation. Feel the breath coming in deep… and exhale long. Focus on the breath, and draw your attention away from the room and into that place of silence within. After a time, you may find your attention slips away from the breath. If that happens, simply return your awareness to the breath and begin again. If you find your mind wandering from the breath, just return your awareness to your breathing and begin to draw your attention back into that place of stillness that resides within you. Stay centered in this stillness for several minutes and experience a deep sense of peace within you. (If you are recording, allow a few minutes to pass) Slowly and gently, bring your awareness back into your body and into the room. Allow the feelings of tranquility and peace to continue to linger as you draw your awareness back into the waking state. Slowly move your fingers and your toes as you bring more energy and awareness into your body. Now gently move the arms and the legs. With each movement, explore the continuation of that stillness. Even as your body is in motion, allow each motion to arise from that place of stillness within you. As you bring more energy into the body, I invite you to remain with your eyes closed. Softly hold on to that feeling of peace. With practice, this feeling will become more steady, and stay with you even after you’re meditation session. In time, you will experience this great peace in every moment. Take your time, and when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.

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