Use this guided meditation to help you begin your practice of meditation. The breath gives you something tangible to focus your attention on during meditation. Focusing on the breath strenthens the mind’s ability to stay focused–improving your concentration, and ability to enter into deeper states of meditation.

If at any point, you find your mind has wandered off, simply start over by returning your awareness to the breath.

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Take a comfortable position for meditation, either sitting or lying down. Make any adjustments you need to make to be comfortable for the next 5-10 minutes.Gently close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Feel the breath as it moves in to your body…and as it moves out. Each inhalation brings with it a state of deep relaxation. So with each breath, allow a state of relaxation to wash over you. Feel your body physically relaxing with each inhalation. On the exhalation, imagine the breath releasing any tension you may be experiencing. Any tension you may be holding on to is released with the out-breath. In this way, you’re making more room in your body for the relaxation of the in-breath.

The breath is sacred. It’s your connection to the divine. Through your breath, you are in constant connection with the life-giving force of energy, also called chi, or prana. This energy supports your life in every moment, and it also connects you to the entire world. Each living creature is breathing, just as you’re breathing right now. Understand that the breath is sacred, and experiencing the breath moving in and out of the body is a great meditation experience.

Continue to focus your attention on feeling the breath as it moves in and out. Take this time to be fully present with the breath. So many people walk through life without ever taking the time that you’re taking right now. They move through life on auto-pilot, and they take the breath for granted. The breath is sacred, and taking the time to focus all your attention on the breath is a form of reverence and an expression of your gratitude to the life-giving breath.

Sit with the breath for the next few minutes.

When you’re ready, slowly begin to bring energy and vitality into the body through movement. Start with small movements and allow them to grow into larger movements. Feeling fully energized and revitalized, slowly and gently open your eyes. Sit for a moment in silence before you go about your other activities.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guided meditation. When you feel secure in your ability to concentrate on the breath, you’re ready to move on to the next guided meditation on the space between each breath.
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