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Learn to meditate with this 5-day meditation course. It’s a convenient way to learn. No traveling, no hassles, just you and your computer and a comfy place to sit…

And learning how to meditate has never been this simple…really…

In India, climbing a huge mountain in the Himalayans is the prerequisite to learning meditation from a master. In China, you may have to carry water up a hill for several years before being taught anything…

But those days are over, thank goodness. Now all you have to do is fill in your name and email address and away you go…

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…and Learn to Meditate

Tired of feeling tired? Ready to move forward from limiting thoughts, feelings and unhealthy actions? Looking for a way to break free from the ordinary and enter the realm of the divine? Ralph Miller shares with you simple, yet powerful techniques to begin your practice of meditation in this 5-day Meditation Course.

Learning to meditate in 5 days doesn’t end there–it’s really just the beginning. These techniques aren’t just for beginners, so don’t be fooled by their seemingly simple nature. After 7 years of meditation, I still uses them. In fact, they’re more powerful today then when I first learned them.Have you already completed the 5-day course? Please contact me and leave feedback about your experience so I can improve it for others.

Registration for this course is closed, but I am leaving the material up for open access for anyone who wishes to participate.
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