Learn to Meditate Day 3 – The Power of Words

It’s not secret–words have power. You’ve know that since you were in Kindergarten and kids called you names. Our elders always said words can’t hurt you, but that didn’t soften the blow of those insults, did they? The trick here is to recognize the power of words, and their ability to hurt or heal. Then, make the conscious choice to use them to heal.

Creating a Mantra

When you think of a Mantras, you may think of chanting some phrase in a foreign language, or maybe you’ve never heard of a mantra. A mantra is a short word or phrase you repeat to yourself for positive effect. I was given a mantra by my meditation teacher, but today, we’re going to create our own.

  1. Think of what you want to acheive through your meditation practice–a peaceful life, a feeling of love, connection with God.
  2. Choose a word or phrase that represents what it is you long for. The word or phrase should be positive. Avoid using the word ‘Not.’ Examples of powerful mantras
    • I am present now
    • I am guilt-free (notice I didn’t say: ‘I don’t feel guilty’)
    • I honor God within
    • I love myself
    • Peace and love
    • The name of God
  3. Repeat the word or phrase silently in your mind on your in breath and on your out breath. For example, breathe in and mentally repeat, “I am present now,” then breath out and repeat again, “I am present now.”

  4. Alternately, if your phrase is long, you may wish to split it up. For example, Breathe in saying “I am,” and breathe out saying, “present now.”
  5. Repeat your mantra during your meditation practice, and also any time during the day when you feel you need to reconnect with the divine presence within.

Listen to the guided audio:

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You’ll be amazed at how easy this is to do, but this may also make you prone to shrugging it off. Repeating your mantra has as much power as you allow it to have. The more you use it, the more you repeat it with sincerity and belief, the more it will help to transform your life.