Creating a Meditation Space

April 1, 2008 · Print This Article

Creating a Meditation Space is very simple, and yet it’s also very subtle. If you search other sites, you’re going to get a list of things to do. Practically speaking, those things are important and I will discuss them below. But let’s get exoteric for a moment.

Is Creating a Meditation Space something we do on the outside…or is it something that takes place within us?

Think about it while you look over this guide.

Meditation Space

This is a picture of my meditation space. It includes a blanket beneath my meditation cushion, my meditation cushion, a wool asana over the cushion, my meditation shawl, a plant to bring positive energy into the room (and naturally purify the air), and my meditation altar (not shown).

Below are some suggestions to help you create your own meditation space.

Practical Steps to Creating a Meditation Space

• First, there is no right or wrong way to create a meditation space. The key is: experiment. If it works for you, continue it. If it detracts from your meditation, change it.• Establish a space that’s separate from other activities. Use your meditation space exclusively for meditation. If this is not possible, close off the portion of the room you use for your meditation with a room divider or free standing screen like those seen below.

Be a minimalist – a cluttered meditation space is a sign of a cluttered mind. Try to eliminate anything that’s distracting, especially clutter.

Maintain silence. Try not to speak too much in your meditation room. You may be tempted to blow this off, but I’ve found that maintaining silence has a powerful effect on your meditations.

Your Meditation Space is Sacred. If some place like a church or cathedral can be holy, your meditation space can too. Invoke blessings for your new meditation space. Create a ritual out of this. I did this by chanting the Guru Gita, an anxient Indian text, with the intention of blessing my new meditation space. Then I asked for blessings from all the saints and sages of my tradition to instill the space with their beneficent energy, to support my meditation practice and help me to experience the Truth.

Create a meditation altar. An altar is a focal point for all your relics and objects that invoke a sense of longing for God and an experience of the truth. For more on this, see my Guide to Creating a Meditation Altar.


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