Meditation and Your Brain

August 17, 2009 · Print This Article

Reuters posted this article on How God (or more precisely, meditation) changes your brain. The article discusses Andrew Newburg’s newest book, “How God Changes Your Brain.” In the book, Newburg describes the benefits of meditation, including how meditation effects specific areas of the brain responsible for focus and fear. “His studies show these brain regions can be exercised and strengthened, like building up a muscle through training.” This would indicate that meditation is something that can be strengthened over time, through practice, and the benefits of meditation are available to everyone, not just mystics, nuns and sadhus.

Another important benefit of meditation he describes is faith. Newburg is quoted as saying: “faith is equivalent with hope, optimism and the belief that a positive future awaits us. Faith can also be defined as the ability to trust our beliefs, even when we have no proof that such beliefs are accurate or true.”

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