Sitting for Meditation

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If you’ve decided to meditate for the first time, you may be wondering how to sit for meditation. Here’s a video I put together to show various ways of sitting for meditation. If you’ve been practicing meditation or try any of these meditation postures,  I’d love to hear your experience, so please leave a comment below.

How to Sit for Meditation from May All Be Happy on Vimeo. We also have a Youtube Meditation and Yoga Channel.

Sitting Comfortably

You may have seen various meditation postures, poses like full lotus, which looks very uncomfortable. And if you’re not very flexible this can be a problem. Throw out everything you’ve seen or heard. The first thing to consider is finding a meditation posture that is comfortable and allows you to sit for an extended period of meditation without becoming distracted by the discomfort of sitting. So this may mean doing one of the formal meditatation postures I discuss in the video, but it may also mean using one of the alternatives I discuss a little later in this article.

Remember, it’s all about your experience–so find the most comfortable position to sit for meditation, and use that. And don’t be afraid to share your discoveries with us in a comment below.

Using a Meditation Cushion

There are lots of reason to use a meditation cushion when sitting for meditation. The most important is comfort. There’s nothing worse than having your feet fall asleep during meditation. Using a meditation cushion will raise your hips up, let your knees drop down, and improve the blood flow to your feet when used properly. I show two kinds of cushions in the video above: a rectangular cushion and a butterfly cushion. While both are good, I enjoy the butterfly cushion. But I recommend trying different kinds of cushions out and seeing which is best for your body based on your own experience.

Sitting on a Wool Blanket

From my own experience, sitting on a wool meditation blanket harnesses the power of your meditation, accumulating the meditation energy over time, and assisting your ability to enter meditation easily. This is a well-known legend in Yogic meditation circles, and I highly recommend getting one. While you may purchase such meditation blankets, my wife crocheted mine for a fraction of the cost.

Meditation Postures

The meditation postures I discuss in the video are easy pose, siddhasana, half lotus, and full lotus.The video does a good job of demonstrating each of these, so take a look at it.

Alternatives to Sitting for Meditation

There are a many alternatives to sitting for meditation. You may consider sitting in a comfortable chair or even a lazy-boy recliner. Another alternative is to lay down on the floor or even in bed. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep.

And whatever position you choose for meditation, make ample use of pillows and blankets to support your body’s comfort in meditation.


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