Meditation Techniques

Meditation techniques are like doorways into consciousness.  We can’t really say that one meditation technique is ‘better’ than another technique, as each one offers a unique way to enter into and experience a state of meditation.  Try working with each of these techniques, and find the one that works the best for you at this time in your life.  Keep in mind that the meditation technique that works well for you now may evolve as time goes on.  You may find yourself draw toward different techniques at various times throughout your life.  Being familiar with these techniques will also allow your meditation sessions to be more spontaneous.

  1. Breathing Meditation
  2. Observing the Space Between the Breath
  3. Mind Meditation
  4. Chakra Meditation
  5. Sound Meditation
  6. Heart Meditation
  7. Nature Meditation
  8. Walking meditation
  9. Mantra Meditation
  10. Witness Awareness
  11. Mandalas
  12. Not this, not this (neti neti)
  13. Affirmations
  14. Concentration on an object
  15. Inhaling positive, exhaling negative
  16. Mindfulness
  17. Working with emotions (and their opposites!)