Mind Meditation

Transforming the Mind into an Ally

What is Mind Meditation? Well, if you’ve been practicing my other meditation techniques, then you’ve probably experienced the #1 block that most people encounter when trying to meditate: Thoughts.

Yes, your mind loves to think. And it’s supposed to think. Where would we all be if we didn’t use the power of our mind to improve our life? So thinking, and thoughts, aren’t bad. And trying to push them away, or stifle them isn’t very productive. I discussed this issue when we discussed observing the breath.

That’s one way to deal with your thoughts. But there’s also another, more powerful way to deal with your mind, and that’s to transform your mind, and your thoughts, into powerful allies that actually help you achieve a state of meditation. I call this: Mind Meditation.

Think about it. How powerful would it be if you stopped thinking about the mind as a hindrance to your meditation experience, and started perceiving it as an ally! Sounds simple, I know. But the most profound wisdom is usually something very simple. Don’t underestimate this mind meditation technique. I’ve used it to great success and you can too.

Instructions for Mind Meditation

First, follow the techniques for observing the breath and slip into the space between the breath.

As you’re meditating, and thoughts arise, embrace them as an opportunity to deepen your meditation experience. Remember, this is mind meditation–welcome each thought, because without them, we can’t use them to deepen our meditation.

Now, use the same technique as we used for observing the space between the breath. Here’s how:

As a thought arises, observe it. Watch how it arises and how it subsides. Then, another thought will arise. Again, just watch it as it manifests, and as it goes away. Ask yourself these two questions:
“From where does this thought arise?”
“From where does this thought subside?”

Believe me, that thought arises from somewhere and when it disappears from your awareness, it also goes back to that place from where it came. Now, here’s the secret to deepen your meditation experience:

Shift your focus from your thoughts to this space between your thoughts.

This space from where your thoughts arise and subside is a space of deep stillness. If you observe your thoughts, and watch as they arise and subside, you’ll begin to notice that, just like the breath, there’s a space between each thought. The thought is actually arising from stillness, and subsiding into stillness. Between each thought, there’s a momentary lapse of stillness. As you focus on this stillness, you’ll find yourself easily and naturally slipping into a state of deep relaxation, free from thought. The thoughts are still there, the mind is still thinking, but you are completely free from them, because you’re focusing on the space between your thoughts.

This technique truly has the power to transform your mind into an amazing ally for experiencing meditation. When you come out of your practice of meditation, you’ll be amazed at how calm and relaxed you’ll feel. Giving yourself a rest from the constant chattering of the mind is as refreshing than a full night’s sleep.

Click the play button below to listen to the guided instructions for this meditation technique.

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Use Mind Meditation as a way to continue deepening your meditation experience. As you practice, your experience of the still space between each thought will continue to deepen.

If you have any questions about this, or would like to share your experience, please contact me.