3-part Breath

April 2, 2008 · Print This Article

Once you feel comfortable with belly breathing, you’re ready to move on to 3 Part Breath.

1. Start in the same reclined position as belly breathing, either on your bed or the floor. Begin by inhaling into your low belly.

2. Once you’ve filled the low belly, breathe into the ribs. You may want to move your hands up to your ribs so you can feel the ribs expanding with the breath.

3. Once the ribs have expanded as far as they can, continue breathing into the chest. Again, you may wish to move your hands onto your chest so you can feel it expanding with the breath.

4. Exhale in the reverse order, exhaling first from your chest, then your ribs, then your low belly.

5. Continue breathing in and out very deeply for 1-2 minutes to start and work up to 5 minutes daily. Try to make the in breath and out breath as long and sustained as you can.


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